The Winemaker

Traditionalists and Reformers

Jacques Capsouto wished to make a really fine Israeli wine. He therefore sought the best expertise to cover the different areas of winemaking.

Jean-Luc Columbo

Dr. Pinhas Sarig

Eran Israeli

He employed the services of the famous Jean-Luc Columbo from the Rhone as a winemaking consultant. He is one of the great names of the Rhone region. Pini Sarig became his viticulturist. He is one of the most experienced viticulturists in Israel, who has worked with the Golan Heights Winery and Recanati Winery, amongst others.

His winemaker is the talented Eran Israeli, who is the Manager and Head Winemaker of the Ohalo College Wine School in Katzrin. He is one of Israel’s finest young winemakers. He graduated from Adelaide University and gained valuable work experience in Australia and South Africa at wineries of the caliber of Henschke and Rustenburg in Barossa Valley and Stellenbosch respectively. He believes in making wines with drinkability and elegance. He is married to Noa, the foremost professional viticulturist in Israel.

credit: David Silverman

Both Capsouto and Israeli are traditionalists with the same world view. They ensure the grapes are handpicked, prefer not to use oak because of the quality of the grapes and if they do, they insist only on used 500 liter oak barrels, three to four years old.