Cotes de Galilee Village
Cotes de Galilee Village
Cotes de Galilee Village
Cotes de Galilee Village

Jacques Capsouto Vignobles is a pioneering winery founded by restauranteur, wine connoisseur, Francophile and Zionist,  Jacques Capsouto. He planted his vineyard on the slopes of the Galilee in 2011, and makes single vineyard Mediterranean blends, exclusively from Rhone varieties. He is the leader of a whole new trend in Israel for Mediterranean varieties and Southern

Rhone style wines.

At the age of 70, Capsouto decided to found a winery in Israel. He started on a new long-term project with the determination of someone who will not be stopped. He chose varieties from the south of France. As he explains, ‘Well, Baron Edmond de Rothschild knew something about wine, and these were some of the first varieties planted in the 1880s in Israel.

Jerusalem Post Wine Talk

The Vineyard

A unique terroir
in the Appellation Galilee

The Family

Come & join
the Capsouto Wine Family

The Winery

Making French style wines

in Israel

Capsouto is Israel’s only
all-in Kosher Rhone Ranger

Kosher Wine Musings

With Capsouto, the Rhone Valley
has finally settled in the hills of
the Western Galilee


Capsouto 2014 Cuvee
Samuel Rouge Red (Galilee) – 92 points

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